Lukas Pribyl in Escaping The City - Scene 1

It’s summer and unbearably hot in the city. It’s a perfect time to escape the city. A few good friends have gathered their shorts, swimsuits, backpacks and tent and headed for the countryside. Lukas Pribyl and Timothy Grant are already near the lake, but the other guys haven’t arrived yet. Lukas and Timothy have pitched a tent in an abandoned part of the beach. The way Lukas looks when he’s naked does not go unnoticed by Timothy, and since there are no people around, this is an ideal opportunity to have sex right then. Timothy also takes off his swimsuit, and both guys‘ dicks quickly become hard. Both guys feel great and enjoy a flip-flop session of dick-sucking and raw fucking!

Lukas Pribyl and Zdenek Berdak at William Higgins

William Higgins invited Zdenek Berdak in for a Screentest, with Lukas Pribyl. Lukas drives up in his car, then he gets out and removes his shirt as he walks into the park. He stands around and watches as people pass by. Zdenek, on roller blades, goes past him, and then turns around to come back the other way. He is just coasting as he approaches Lukas again. Lukas says hi and asks if Zdenek can teach him to roller blada as well. He suggests going, in the car, for a drink. Zdenek goes back to the car with him and they get it. Then Lukas let's the real reason out, as he suggests they don't go for a drink but find something else to do. He starts by kissing Zdenek. Then his hand drops to Zdenek's shorts and starts to rub him. Pulling the shorts open we see that Zdenek's cock is quite hard and Lukas goes down on it. He sucks on that nice, fat cock a while. Then the scene changes and the guys are on a sofa, naked, with Lukas still sucking. His own cock is hard and he is wanking it as he sucks. He then moves, climbing on top of Zdenek, slipping his cock into his mouth for sucking as he leans over and begins to rim his ass. Lukas' tongue laps at that ass hole, and then begins to finger it, while his own cock is being sucked. Two fingers push into Zdenek's ass while he wanks on Lukas cock. Zdenek's ass is soon ready for cock and they change position so that he can sit himself down on Lukas' throbbing dick. He rides that cock a while and then turns around and sits down again, with Lukas thrusting his dick deep into that eager ass. Lukas really loves that ass and fucks nice and hard. He then puts Zdenek into missionary position and continues fucking him as hard as he can. Zdenek loves the feeling and wanks himself as well, soon shooting a mighty big load of cum. This soon sends Lukas over the edge too and he moves to shoot his cum all over Zdenek's chest and face. Zdenek then takes the sticky, spent cock into his mouth for cleaning before the guys kiss to bring his Screentest to a very nice end.

Lukas Pribyl with Ivo Jaternik at William Higgins

William Higgins invited newcomer Ivo Jaternik in for a screentest, and paired him with the lovely Lukas Pribyl. Lukas conducts a brief interview with Ivo who seems very keen to try everything. He leans over and pulls Lukas' head towards him and kisses him. As he kisses Lukas Ivo drops a hand to his groin and begins rubbing himself. Lukas responds, as Ivo gets onto his knees, by kissing and licking his nipples. As they continue kissing and exploring each other's bodies the guys their hands find each other's crotches. Then, with Ivo naked and hard, laying back on the bed, Lukas goes down on that big cock and sucks it. As Lukas gorges himself on that dick Ivo gets onto his knees and leans over to spank some ass. He pulls Lukas off his cock and kisses him, before going down and sucking his cock as well. Lukas lifts his legs in the air to expose his hot little ass, playing with it a bit and then he grabs both cocks and wanks them. Ivo takes over wanking both those cocks and kisses Lukas some more. Then Lukas turns on his side and presents his hot ass for Ivo to slide his big hard cock into. That dick stretches Lukas's hot hole and starts to fuck it. His cock really slams into Lukas' ass. Lukas moves into missionary position so that he can wank himself as he is being fucked. His cock gets rock hard as he wanks and soon he shoots a lovely big load of cum all over himself. Ivo is loving that ass and continues fucking it. He turns Lukas over and really pounds his hole. Pulling out Ivo then squirts his huge load all over Lukas' back. Fully spent, Ivo leans over and kisses Lukas again to end a very good screentest.



Lukas Pribyl with Filip Cervenka at William Higgins

William Higgins paired two really great guys, Lukas Pribyl and Filip Cervenka for a scene. They are playing a game, with some cards which have a series of sexual postions on them. Lukas suggests that they should try the positions. With Filip eagerly agreeing they start to kiss. As they kiss the guys start rubbing each other's groins. Soon their cocks are hard and poking out of the underwear. Filip moves and removes his underwear showing that rock hard cock. Lukas takes hold of the cock and starts wanking it as Filip reaches over and does the same. Then with Lukas naked as well they have a great time wanking the hard dicks. Filip then starts to suck on Lukas' big cock. His mouth moves nicely over the cock until Lukas begins to fuck it into Filips mouth. Filip then straddles Lukas and presents his cock for some sucking. Lukas does a good job of taking that dick in his mouth as Filip reaches back to wank his friend. Filip then scoots up further so that his ass is hovering over Lukas mouth. Lukas takes the opportunity to rim that hot, hairy hole. When the hole is nice and wet Lukas uses a finger to open it up some more. His finger goes in nice and easy and starts fucking that tight hole. Then Filip is ready and he moves down so that he can sit his ass on Lukas' rock hard cock. Filip rides on that cock, his ass moving up and down as he takes it all. Lukas then starts to fuck that ass hard and fast. Remembering that they agreed to try the postions on the cards Filip moves and bends over with Lukas behind him, for the fucking to continue. Lukas pounds that hot ass as Filip wanks himself. Then the guys decide to change roles, with Lukas on his back and Filip fucking him missionary style. His cock works Lukas tight ass, opening it real good. With Lukas wanking himself nice and fast he takes Filip's dick all the way in his ass. Soon Lukas cant hold back and squirts his cum right up his chest. Filip sees it and is so turned on that he needs to cum too. He moves up and dumps his hot load over Lukas face and chest. Lukas eagerly cleans that sticky cock and the guys then share a final kiss.



Lukas Pribyl with Milos Zambo at William Higgins

Lukas Pribyl is paired with the studly Milos Zambo. The guys are on the bed, laying facing each other with Milos' feet rubbing over Lukas undies. His feet are very adept and work under the trunks as they play. Lukas uses his feet to rub up and down on Milos' hairy legs, and then onto his shorts as well. With Lukas pulling his undies tight around his cock and balls Milos rubs his feet on them. Then he uses his feet to pull the undies off, releasing Lukas' hard cock. Now his feet can get to feel that big hard cock, they rub over it as Lukas uses his feet to rid Milos of his undies too. His cock is also rock hard and Lukas quickly starts rubbing a foot over it and all over the big balls. With Milos feet both on that hard cock Lukas holds them in place and wanks himself with them. The guys move closer together so that their feet reach each others faces. They sniff and lick those feet. Lukas wanks himself as he sucks on Milos' toes. Milos does the same as they get really turned on. Moving even closer allows Milos to suck on Lukas toes while his buddy sucks his cock. The Milos returns the favor. Sucking feet and cocks they take turns doing each. Milos then gets onto his knees, with his ass on display and Lukas' uses a foot to play with that tight hole. His big toe fucks that hot ass until it is nice and open. Then he climbs on and slides his throbbing dick deep into Milos hole and fucks it nice and deep. Moving Milos into missionary position he continues to fuck that hot ass, and suck on the toes as well. He really works that hole nice and hard as Milos wanks himself and shoots a big creamy load all over his belly. Lukas needs to cum too and shoots his cream over Milos foot. Then Milos rubs his cum covered foot all over Lukas chest. Lukas sucks on the toes again and them lays down next to Milos, ending the scene with a kiss.


Lukas Pribyl in Strangers In Prague - Kristen Bjorn

Wagner and Diego are playing tourists in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague. Meanwhile, Radim and Lukas are at home enjoying some intimate time together watching one of Wagner and Diego’s films. Radim suggests that they invite Wagner and Diego over so that his lover, Lukas can “try other cocks” and “keep sucking”. Wagner and Diego receive a text invitation and head over to their hosts apartment. Wagner and Diego strip down and Lukas quickly begins trying other cocks. As Lukas flips back and forth between Wagner and Diego’s hot cocks, Radim positions himself so that Wagner can suck on his huge cock. Diego wants a piece of that huge cock as well and moves in and deep throats Radim as Lukas continues sucking on his raging hard cock. Radim opens up Lukas’ perfect pink hole so that Diego and Wagner can tag team his lover’s ass with their rock hard cocks.

Lukas Pribyl & Milos Zambo - Lover's Lane - Kristen Bjorn

Lucas and Milos head out for a drink at the local pub and find that the alcohol has made them a little horny. They enter into a private lounge and begin undressing each other revealing their amazing muscular bodies. Lucas releases Milos’ hard cock and begins pleasuring him with his hot, hungry mouth. Lucas knows how to push Milos to the edge and does just that, except this time Milos is unable to hold back and unleashes his milky load all over Lucas’ face. Milos then takes Lucas’ long cock in his mouth and begins pleasuring his lover. Once Milos knows that Lucas’ cock is sufficiently lubed up with his saliva he bends over for Lucas to penetrate his ass nice and deep. Lucas then sits down and Milos sits down on top of his rigid cock. Milos fucks himself with long, slow strides on Lucas’ cock then gyrates the long cock in his ass, much to Lucas’ delight. Milos continues to bump and grind away at Lucas’ cock until Lucas is unable to hold back and lets his thick load fly. Milos then re-inserts Lucas’ cock in his ass to suck out the last of his load in his ass.

Lukas Pribyl and Patrik Lukasz at Badpuppy

Eurohunks Lukas Pribyl, 20, and Patrik Lukasz, 26, undress each other while making out. They can't help but caressing each other's well shaped, muscled bodies with their wondering hands or pinching and sucking each other's nipples. It's not long before Lukas is encouraging Patrik to bite the crank which quickly leads to playing hoop snake. Positions change so that Lukas can face fuck Patrik. Patrik tongues the tan crack of Lukas before fingerfucking Lukas to get him ready for the ride of his life. After Lukas rides Patrik's uncut cock, Patrik plows into Lukas until he can no longer hold back the eruption building in his cum-factories. After receiving a facial from Patrik, Lukas cleans off Patrik's red hot poker with his tongue. The scene ends with more tongue kissing.


Lukas and Patrik

Lukas Pribyl Solo at Badpuppy

20 year old Czech stud Lukas Pribyl, is quite the Hottie. He is a full time student at a local university near his hometown of Uhersky Brod, CZ. Lukas is here today to jerk off for you! As he rubs his body, he removes his shirt, followed by him dropping his blue jeans, exposing his perfect uncut cock. He takes hold of it, smiling for the camera and begins stroking it, pulling his foreskin up and down his shaft. He turns his back side to the camera, spreading his cheeks and exposing his manhole. Laying back on the table, he continues to work his cock, while thrusting his hips up and down and gazing into the camera. Lukas turns over on to his stomach and enjoys some ass play. On his back again, he knows the end is near and he's about to cum, so with a good grip and some firm stroking, he lets go of a big, thick and creamy load across his trimmed pubes and lower abs. He continues to rub his cock and work his foreskin as he catches his breath!
Lukas Pribyl at Badpuppy