Lukas Pribyl with Milos Zambo at William Higgins

Lukas Pribyl is paired with the studly Milos Zambo. The guys are on the bed, laying facing each other with Milos' feet rubbing over Lukas undies. His feet are very adept and work under the trunks as they play. Lukas uses his feet to rub up and down on Milos' hairy legs, and then onto his shorts as well. With Lukas pulling his undies tight around his cock and balls Milos rubs his feet on them. Then he uses his feet to pull the undies off, releasing Lukas' hard cock. Now his feet can get to feel that big hard cock, they rub over it as Lukas uses his feet to rid Milos of his undies too. His cock is also rock hard and Lukas quickly starts rubbing a foot over it and all over the big balls. With Milos feet both on that hard cock Lukas holds them in place and wanks himself with them. The guys move closer together so that their feet reach each others faces. They sniff and lick those feet. Lukas wanks himself as he sucks on Milos' toes. Milos does the same as they get really turned on. Moving even closer allows Milos to suck on Lukas toes while his buddy sucks his cock. The Milos returns the favor. Sucking feet and cocks they take turns doing each. Milos then gets onto his knees, with his ass on display and Lukas' uses a foot to play with that tight hole. His big toe fucks that hot ass until it is nice and open. Then he climbs on and slides his throbbing dick deep into Milos hole and fucks it nice and deep. Moving Milos into missionary position he continues to fuck that hot ass, and suck on the toes as well. He really works that hole nice and hard as Milos wanks himself and shoots a big creamy load all over his belly. Lukas needs to cum too and shoots his cream over Milos foot. Then Milos rubs his cum covered foot all over Lukas chest. Lukas sucks on the toes again and them lays down next to Milos, ending the scene with a kiss.


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