Lukas Pribyl with Ivo Jaternik at William Higgins

William Higgins invited newcomer Ivo Jaternik in for a screentest, and paired him with the lovely Lukas Pribyl. Lukas conducts a brief interview with Ivo who seems very keen to try everything. He leans over and pulls Lukas' head towards him and kisses him. As he kisses Lukas Ivo drops a hand to his groin and begins rubbing himself. Lukas responds, as Ivo gets onto his knees, by kissing and licking his nipples. As they continue kissing and exploring each other's bodies the guys their hands find each other's crotches. Then, with Ivo naked and hard, laying back on the bed, Lukas goes down on that big cock and sucks it. As Lukas gorges himself on that dick Ivo gets onto his knees and leans over to spank some ass. He pulls Lukas off his cock and kisses him, before going down and sucking his cock as well. Lukas lifts his legs in the air to expose his hot little ass, playing with it a bit and then he grabs both cocks and wanks them. Ivo takes over wanking both those cocks and kisses Lukas some more. Then Lukas turns on his side and presents his hot ass for Ivo to slide his big hard cock into. That dick stretches Lukas's hot hole and starts to fuck it. His cock really slams into Lukas' ass. Lukas moves into missionary position so that he can wank himself as he is being fucked. His cock gets rock hard as he wanks and soon he shoots a lovely big load of cum all over himself. Ivo is loving that ass and continues fucking it. He turns Lukas over and really pounds his hole. Pulling out Ivo then squirts his huge load all over Lukas' back. Fully spent, Ivo leans over and kisses Lukas again to end a very good screentest.



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