Lukas Pribyl with Filip Cervenka at William Higgins

William Higgins paired two really great guys, Lukas Pribyl and Filip Cervenka for a scene. They are playing a game, with some cards which have a series of sexual postions on them. Lukas suggests that they should try the positions. With Filip eagerly agreeing they start to kiss. As they kiss the guys start rubbing each other's groins. Soon their cocks are hard and poking out of the underwear. Filip moves and removes his underwear showing that rock hard cock. Lukas takes hold of the cock and starts wanking it as Filip reaches over and does the same. Then with Lukas naked as well they have a great time wanking the hard dicks. Filip then starts to suck on Lukas' big cock. His mouth moves nicely over the cock until Lukas begins to fuck it into Filips mouth. Filip then straddles Lukas and presents his cock for some sucking. Lukas does a good job of taking that dick in his mouth as Filip reaches back to wank his friend. Filip then scoots up further so that his ass is hovering over Lukas mouth. Lukas takes the opportunity to rim that hot, hairy hole. When the hole is nice and wet Lukas uses a finger to open it up some more. His finger goes in nice and easy and starts fucking that tight hole. Then Filip is ready and he moves down so that he can sit his ass on Lukas' rock hard cock. Filip rides on that cock, his ass moving up and down as he takes it all. Lukas then starts to fuck that ass hard and fast. Remembering that they agreed to try the postions on the cards Filip moves and bends over with Lukas behind him, for the fucking to continue. Lukas pounds that hot ass as Filip wanks himself. Then the guys decide to change roles, with Lukas on his back and Filip fucking him missionary style. His cock works Lukas tight ass, opening it real good. With Lukas wanking himself nice and fast he takes Filip's dick all the way in his ass. Soon Lukas cant hold back and squirts his cum right up his chest. Filip sees it and is so turned on that he needs to cum too. He moves up and dumps his hot load over Lukas face and chest. Lukas eagerly cleans that sticky cock and the guys then share a final kiss.



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